People what do you think of my friend's song?

She's the one singing it
Listen to MAGIC! - Rude Cover by Zeina ElShazly & Wael Nasr (Official Acoustic Music Video) by Wael Nasr #np on #SoundCloud

Have to do everything by your own 😂😂
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  • I listened to it. It wasn't perfect, but it is definitely good! She has talent at singing, and I'm going to guess there was very little to know editing to pitch done in it. I heard some reverb, but that was about it. There were some notes that were a bit shakey and if you wanna get really picky, some words could've used slightly better pronunciation... But besides that, it was solidly done.

    Oh, and whoever played the guitar played it very solidly. I couldn't hear any mistakes in it. The notes were hit on time and even if it wasn't a super hard part, it was still done greatly.

    I may be a little more harsh against acoustic covers because I'm not a big fan of them (I'm more of a "full band" cover kind of guy xD). I see a loooot of them done and stuff. Nonetheless, this was good :)


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  • nice but an overused song

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