My dog has some hair loss on his belly?

he has a small path of hair missing he's a 4 yr old beagle fairly healthy biut does anyone know what this could be


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  • Just wait a bit, it'll probably go, it's usually nothing serious. Could range from anything from fleas to dandruff though. Could just be him picking at himself or over zealous licking, that's why u say wait to see, and if it's not that it's unlikely to be anything major. Give him a nice bath, with a gentle soap too.

    • thanks for that, i felt likemy little puppy was getting too old or a second lol

    • Like going bald like an old man? Haha that's funny

  • You should really check a vet of your wondering what it could be , That's the only way you'll know and can help your doggy if it's something serious.


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