Is he shy or doesn't he like me?

We encounter one time in 15-20 days, whenever he sees me, he looks at me. He watches me and as i look at him too, he looks at somewhere else. One time he smiled to me. We encountered suddenly and he didn't look at me, his eyes were so open and his lips were contracted. why he doesn't add me on fb or meet me even though i look at him too?

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What Guys Said 2

  • Hahaha. He's shy. Probably at least. Maybe say fuck the social rules and approach him? You'll only know for sure if you try.

    • im shying too :( but im planning to smile to him when we encounter. does it work? i can't do anything else. :D im a lady :P

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    • Depends on how shy he is. Kinda shy, and you make it really obvious, yeah maybe he'll get the guts to take the move. Really shy though, probably not. He'll just beat himself up about it but do nothing about it. You have to understand what approach anxiety can do to guys. Being rejected can lead to vey powerful emotions. And if he's already been rejected before, he'd be even less inclined to make the jump this time.

      Try smiling at him, flirting with him, doing everything you can to let him know you're interested. If that doesn't work and you still think he likes you though, you're going to have to initiate things.

    • i will. thank you so much

  • Humans have the peculiar way of courtship that other animals don't have -- we can talk. Go say hello.

    • do you think he likes me?

    • Probably. Usually guys look at girls they are attracted to and ignore the rest.

    • wow :)

What Girls Said 1

  • Frankly too early to tell. You need more to make a decision. Try talking to him and then come back to us with the report.

    • im planning smiling to him when we encounter again. does it work?

    • I had a shy guy in my hand once. I point blank went to talk to him and offered help/advice/etc. He was a bit thunderstruck. It works.

    • :D hahahaha

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