Is this transphobic?

So first let me say I'm 100% supportive of trans people. Always have been. I think they should be happy doing whatever they want to do.
But at the same time I feel uncomfortable around them. I have no idea why. It's just most of the time when I see someone trans, they aren't fully like the sex they are trying to be. What I'm trying to say is for example a woman who wants to be a man, may look like a man but then they have the voice of a woman still. Or a man who wants to be a woman may still have a visible Adam's apple or something. And then I can't get the fact that they used to be the other gender out of my head, and it's all I think about. And for some reason it makes me uncomfortable. But if I was around someone trans who looked and sounded exactly like the sex they are trying to be, then I probably would be fine


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  • trans is a big lie that a human can beleave, no one cat change his natur 100%, they just corrupt there personality, they will never be the full other gender

    • That wasn't exactly the question but okay

    • Oh sorry, i forgot :)
      well it's not transphobic, i think it is human nature, some times we dislike some behaviours because they are not natural