Have you ever looked at your life and think 'sigh' "I'm just so tired."?

And not tired as in sleepy. Just emotionally tired, you know? I guess a lesser form of depression I think. A kinda of “Fuck it. I give up. I'm not trying anymore” type feeling. You ever felt that way? Like, you try and you get your hopes up, only to have them crushed. But then you get them up again and then you have them crushed again. Small things through out the week or day just build up and up. All the way until the smallest thing just makes you flip the fuck out, only to calm down a few minutes later. Then, that's when you look at the life you've made for yourself and just think, “I'm just so tired.”

  • I'm tired.
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  • I have my ups and downs.
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  • My life is awesome.
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  • Ya i have my life sucks

    • how old are you?

    • I can't tell you but im older than 12