Help with dealing with a possible twin flame?

if there s people who belive in OBE and soulmates then I need your help. me and this guy are really close. the other day he asked me for advice on how to ask another girl out and my heart sank. He text me right back saying he d made a mistake -that he loves me. He said he closed his eyes and memories flashed in front of him. at this point I m like " just go out with her and leave. stop saying you love me if you don t " I thought he was a massive jerk at this point. he started to text me that he needed to hear me and when I finally answered his call I could hear him in tears. Then he said to me " I can smell you , is that new perfume? " I froze because before I rang him I had sprayed myself with theperfume I just got. then I asked him if he knew where I put something (he doesn t even know I have) and he got it right. we tried it with me and it worked also. There s this twin flames thing that explained everything to me. When i asked the guy He said that in his dreams , he wants to lay next to me so badly that when we was asleep he could jump into my room: touch me smell me know what I m dreaming. I have told him dreams I've had and he freezes; he's had the exact same. What s happening? during the day I can see ripples in the air and the hairs on my arms stand up and my hair keeps getting brushed behind my ears without me doing it-something he does to me in real life. My lips and cheeks keep getting weird tingle sensations and I can feel that it s him. I ask him to check if he has actually moved my hair or tried to kiss my cheek and say I love you and he replies saying " omg this is creepy yeah I did " - I need help guys this is freaking me out. We both can hear eachothers voices telepathically.


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  • What is OBE?