Have you ever met a male celeb known for his looks?

I dont know why, in my mind, take brad pitt for instance, he would be like 7' tall and tower over me and he would be shining like some kind of a god and not some normal 180 cm average height guy like me with a good face lol?


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  • Hmmm the only one I can think of at the moment would be John Cena (I think that's his name) the wrestler.

    I remember him because I didn't know who he was at first but I knew he had to be an athlete or something because of his build and he was sitting next to my in first Class on a red eye so not a soldier. He was pretty soft spoken and shy with the flight attendant and slept with his cap over his face most the flight. Said Yes ma'am and stuff to the young flight attendant.

    I overheard them talking about him then saw him on a TV commercial for a wrestling thing a few weeks later.

    All the other wrestlers in the concourse leaving La had their belts they had one sported on their shoulder but he didn't. I never saw his.


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  • Not specifically like your example, but yes the celebs I've met.. at first, I agree you picture them like these huge beautiful angelic people. But, they're just people too. Very talented and well known, but they are just people.

    You see people literally almost every day that are more attractive than Hollywood stars.


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  • Brad pitt was never hot to me.
    I guess it has to do with peoples particular taste.
    If Brad pitt was an average dude (normal income) no one would think he is that hot.
    It all has to do with his bank account size.

    Normal looking men tend to become hotter when they are successful in the eyes of a l ot of women.
    That is a great quality to have.
    Women want someone that is capable of helping them to provide.
    We like people that can balance us out and more.

    • I'm sure men feel the same.
      Why would you want to be doing everything you can do be successful, and then have someone leech off of you? unattractive!

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    • No, I have not met a "good looking" male celebrity as yet.

    • the guy is not photogenic, but in my opinion he is good looking but that is of course as you say, subjective :)

  • Francisco Lachowski

    He is a famous Brazilian model and he is drop dead gorgeous! Tall, tan, really fit, sharp jawline, big brown eyes... he is basically only know for his looks. :)

    • is it different from a not famous good looking guy u meet? or was he just a guy after all?

    • i didn't know tan and big brown eyes are considered attractive in men lol

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