Why people think that being " childish " is bad?

I don't know why some people use it as an insult childeren are innocent and kind hearted and don't know you coz they want something so they r bascailly good but when we grow up it become as an insult why is that?


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  • When you become a certain age , you are expected have more experience.
    If you're a grown adult acting naive (someone without much knowledge), then you will be called childish.
    Children don't have a lot of experience, so that is why they refer to you as a child.
    Adults typically have more responsibilities as a child as well.
    If you're running around acting as if you have no care in the world, and you don't take anything seriously, that is the mentality of a child.
    It means you have not matured.
    If you're okay with being looked at as someone who hasn't had any growth... then don't take it as an insult.
    This all has to do with perspective.

  • I think being childish can be bad in serious situations because when you're able to date you don't want to be dating someone who acts like a child, usually someone who won't pay attention and or overly dramatic over petty situations.

    • Not childish this way

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