Would it be possible for a successful 'sex theme park' to exist in real life?

I'm basically asking this question because I'm contemplating using this hypothetical premise as the basis for a series of erotic novels. So, what do you think? Could a 'sex theme park' be a successful and lucrative tourist attraction, if sufficient rules, regulations, safety and security measures were put in place- and on a more personal level, how many safeguards would have to be in place in order for you to contemplate the notion of visiting a sex theme park yourself, if one already existed?

Of all the nations and states in the world where a sex theme park would be legal (those in which both prostitution and operating a brothel are legal and regulated by the government), which would make for the most plausible locations? And how successful and lucrative could such a sex theme park industry potentially be? For instance, could it be plausible for sex theme parks in this hypothetical scenario to eventually manage to capture 1% or more of the global sex tourism market?

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What Girls Said 1

  • There is one in Japan.

    • Is there? Are you sure it's not just a 'sex gallery' (with exhibitions, but without any of the interactivity which you'd get at an actual theme park)?

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    • Oh, that one. Jeju Loveland- researched it already, and it's basically an erotic art gallery, with its exhibitions comprised solely of sculptures, as opposed to actual performance displays. IMHO, it doesn't quite meet the criteria to qualify as a bona-fide 'Sex Theme Park'.

    • It's a park with a theme haha, but yeah it's different to your idea that is right.

What Guys Said 1

  • I think you are a visionary!

    • Thanks, I'm flattered. So, looking at the places where such a sex theme park could technically already operate legally today, I'm thinking of going with either Nevada, New South Wales, Germany, the Netherlands, Mexico or Taiwan. Which do you think would be the most suitable location?

    • I have no opinion on that.