How can I cover up my face?

So, Facially i'm a 2-3/10, I asked on here several times and a lot of people said that. So it must be true. (People in real life say i look extremely bad too, This has been ongoing for years)

I started wearing a Balaclava all the time over the holiday, To try and hide my face. But soon the holidays will be over and i go back to work. Whenever i go out in public or to work, I mean i might get away with it at work because i work outdoors, But, Im just concerned about going into stores and stuff wearing a balaclava (Obviously they might think im trying to rob them or something).

Is there a better way i can conceal it? Or does a Balaclava seem like the best bet?


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  • if u were girl u could use hijab but u r not so i dont think u hav any options

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