Heaven or an after life doesn't make sense to me... What do we do once we get there, just all hang out? Stuck in eternity doing nothing?

Really it doesn't make sense. So we die; go to heaven/ afterlife of some sort in a different realm... But then what? We would be there forever... And I'm pretty sure attaining all your desires and goods and looking back at your life would get old after a few weeks.. I mean, the concept of time would not be there, but it just doesn't make sense. That theory just does not make sense.


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  • Who said heaven makes sense to us the concept of heaven can't be imagined at all


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  • Why do religious people say "Rest in Peace"? Why not "Gone in Peace"? What's the purpose of life if you are going to live once with all the worldly enjoyment and then next moment when you stop breathing, bury in the soil and decompose? This is my point of view. For me, no one in this Earth walks without purpose. There is always the "next phase" in everything you go through. If there is no purpose in life and its hereafter (as to what you believe it is nonsense), you don't even care what is permissible what is forbidden. Everything is seen as "enjoyment" to you.


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  • We know several things about heaven: no more death, no more pain, no more suffering, no more separation from God. We also know that all of the suffering on this earth is not worth comparing to the glory of eternity.

    Heaven is a temporary place where dead souls wait for the end of world history. It's not where we spend eternity. Eternity is spent on the restored earth God will create after this world ends. There's nothing to suggest we are confined to this earth, or that we can't and won't travel to the thousands of other planets and galaxies out there. God is always doing something in the Bible, that should give an indication of what to expect in eternity. Except this time no evil will stand in His way.

    There are also eternal rewards. Eternity is not equal for everyone, each is granted his rewards based on how he lived his life according to the Word. We don't really know what these rewards are but they are described as inexhaustible and do not fade away like earthly treasures.

  • It doesn't happen.

    We die, that's it. Life is over, and we decompose.


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  • Who knows? There are many different possibilities. American Dad has an interesting take on it: Stan essentially goes to a heaven that is specifically catered to him---what he wants the most.

    Some believe it's neverending peace with everything you can want.

    Still others think your in limbo for a while until you return to Earth as something else (this would be cool).

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