How is the weather in Atlanta? Question for those who live in Atlanta?

Is the weather bad today? I was flying to LA through Delta from Costa RIca and the delta fllight was cancelled and the counter agente told us it was due to bad weather.. But I spoke with my aunt in LA and she told me it is not even raining. so I assume the bad weather is in Atlanta as Delta headquarters are in Atlanta and possible the plane could not even depart from Atlanta.


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  • It could be bad weather anywhere. If the crew that is supposed to be flying your plane is stuck somewhere it may have nothing to do with anywhere long your route.

    That being said, the only airport that seems to be having any issues right now is Charlotte, NC.

    • So maybe is another reason?

    • It could be weather related for any number of reasons... The plane you're supposed to be on is someplace else because it got stuck there for weather reasons yesterday maybe?

      Airlines are a lot more complex that most people realize. It's like a ballet trying to get all the right planes in all the right places with all the right crew at all the right times.

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  • I don't live in Atlanta. Though I do live 1 hour away from Atlanta. Last night was HORRIBLE! It was raining so much that apparently it caused trees to fall over. Which knocked some lines down. Power was on and off (mainly stayed off) for almost 4hours. Then I did see lighting and the thunder sounded far away. It could have been a thunderstorm in Atlanta at the time.

    • The odd thing is that the flight was cancelled also yesterday

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    • atm I don't know. I do know that were I was it was really bad. So I wouldn't be surprised if it was bad in Atlanta too.

    • Since I live about 1hour away