Would you trust this type of guy?

he's known to play girls, and cheat.
When he's in a relationship , he contacts girls from his past and is constantly liking their pictures of them.

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  • No stay away 😔
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  • You can't trust him not to cheat obviously. That doesn't necessarily mean you can't rust him in other ways. There are some guys you can trust with your money but not your girl and some you can trust with your girl but not your money.


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  • for the first sentence I'd say 'No Stay away'
    For the second sentence I'd say 'He's alright'

    Because, it doesn't matter if I'm single or not. I have female friends, and I'm still going to interact with them, and if they post something that I like, I'm going to click that Like Button.
    They're just friends.

    • Yea mix those two together and you can't exactly say 'hes aright'.

    • if he's having that reputation, I wouldn't even bother trying. Known to cheat... that is scary. I prefer honesty, I don't want to be in a relationship with doubt
      He'd have to come a long way and do a lot to prove he's loyal

  • Maybe he doesn't want a relationship but is pressured into it by the women he has dated. Maybe he just wants casual sex, but feels he's often at a disadvantage if he states his intentions with a woman.

    Doesn't make him a bad guy. Besides, it's all rumors in the first place.


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