Let's talk about our pets?

Let's talk about our pets.?

This is my dog named Ice. He's 4 years old and yes it's a chihuahua :D

What pet/pets do you have? I wanna see those cute pet faces.


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  • You've got a cute pup! 😊

    I've got a bunch of pets: one dog, five birds, three turtles, and a bunch of fish. I don't have any photos on-hand of them, though.

    • That's a lot of pets, I'm always curious how people clean those bird cages. Won't they fly away if you open the cage?

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    • Owah ok thanks for explaining.

    • You're welcome, and thanks for MHO.

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  • I have 20 chickens...5 ducks...2 pigs
    2 dogs: Walter (Rot and black lab mix) June (Chihuahua)
    Bird: Henna (Cockatiel)


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