Why is it always a guy's fault by not realizing his wife/gf is a golddigger, but never a woman's fault for not realizing that her husband/bf is a?

Cheater/player? Comment below


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  • What?
    Guys are always blaming or saying "how could she not know he was a player?" Or "I don't feel bad when a player cheats on a girl because it's her fault."
    Literally I see this so much on this site.

    And they do blame and are paranoid that every woman is a gold digging succubi.

    I never knew how horrible it is to be a woman until I joined this site. Or how much so many men truly hate us :(

    As @RachelBrigs pointed out (sorry girl, I'm gonna keep quoting you lol)
    "When a man chooses a bad girlfriend, it reflects badly on all women.
    When a woman chooses a bad boyfriend, it reflects badly on all women".

    It was something like that. And I feel it's true on this site. We get our hearts broken "that's what you get for rejecting guys in the past!"
    If a girl breaks a guy's heart "see, all women are bitches who can't be trusted!"
    We just can't win.

    • Its fine :)

      I agree with you as usual. I don't even understand how this is a question. All you hear about is girls going for jerks and not "nice guys" not the other way around. I've seen too many guys on here say they don't care if a girl gets hurt cause it'll be her fault. Never the other way around

    • This is not hate, just a honest debate.

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  • Being a player is worse then being a gold digger. If your wife is supporting your children and taking care of you and making you happy - then she isn't necessarily bad for allowing you to provide for her. She fulfilled her martial duties by having your children and raising them and giving birth to them and loving them and by allowing you to be satisfied with the marriage. In traditional times - woman didn't work at all - they were all stay at home moms. The idea of woman working is a modern invention.

  • easier to tell when there's a huge income differential as opposed to relationship history / behavior

  • If the gold digger or player is obvious then I think both are idiots but not necessarily at fault. I don't know if you've seen Two and a Half Men but omg he's so obvious I don't feel bad for the girls at all.


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