Does this sound like needy texting? Guys, how do you respond to women who do this?

When a friend (or girlfriend, boyfriend, whatever) messages you something and then follows it up with your name, as if theyre calling you, and then a third "hello?" text, and maybe a final conclusion of "well, I guess you're busy" or "I guess you're doing x activity." This is all within 1-5 minutes. I have a friend like this. She has a lot of guy problems, and always needs my advice, which I dont mind, but... I do think she may contribute to her own drama. I was in the car once and she texted her drama guy at the time. He didn't respond immediately. "See what I mean?" Me - "Well, we did just text him. Is he busy, with friends or at work or something?" "He always does this." He called back a few minutes later.

She didn't trust this guy, but this is pattern I'm beginning to see. I have to say that if she's like this with the men she dates, when she's already like this with me, it can't be a good thing for her relationships. Yes, the guys she has been with haven't been good for her, but I wonder if her neediness and sensitivity contribute to her drama as well. But I've never been in a relationship so this is just my perspective.


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  • I know a guy like this, and it really annoys me.