Was I too harsh on my response to my ex?

So on Christmas eve at 12 pm midnight i texted him wishing him a merry Christmas. And hoping he got better from strep. We had previously texted few weeks or days ago about meeting up when he returned from his trip out of state. Well he responded to my text on the 25th at 6 pm. He was like thankyou i am recivering well. Merry Christmas. I didn't respond. So today he double texted me the same message. I assume as a way to begin communication with me. Well i responded "this feels like deja vu. I am glad you are recovering. Thanks". My mom says the deja vu part was harsh and offending in a way. Now i am like ughh bit if i text him he will think i am desperate or something. And what if he doesn't respond

I texted him "what i meant by deja vu was thay i saw two of your texts. But yesterday i was so busy with company that i couldnt respond". Be hasn't responded...


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  • not a big deal I definitely think you're overthinking it! I don't think it's worth worrying about :)

    • So i shouldn't text him to say anything. Just let him text me if he wants to see me

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  • I don't see how that can be rude or offending. you're just being paranoid.

    • So not worth texting again. Have him approach me?

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    • Well i mean he is almost fully recovered. I am quite tired of always being the one initiating. Maybe he might initate after he gets back if he wants to catch up with me?

    • Yeah, it needs efforts from both people. You can't be the one putting in all the efforts, while he just sits back.

  • he won't think you're desperate and you were kind of mean with the deja vu comment

    • Can you explain why it would be mean?

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    • don't think about it now. you let him know u care, and that you weren't trying to be mean. let him rest up, im sure he appreciates your concern and Christmas wishes. merry Christmas.

    • Thank you! I tried.

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