Girls, guys, with Christmas just behind us what are the "Santa" stories we'd like to share?

I've had a modest but nice Christmas, with 2 meals together with my parents... in a nice Christmas atmosphere, by the Christmas tree and with some music on :D

So who here met Santa, or what did he bring for the kids? How was Christmas for you?
This was the warmest Christmas picture I could find :D

Girls, guys, with Christmas just behind us what are the


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  • I don't have one but that picture look nice and warm!

    • Yeah it was the nicest one I could find... I'd like to sit there after a walk in the snow (if there were snow...) :D

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    • Since during the nice chat you even inspired me for another question, the MH is all yours :D
      Hope you had some nice New Year parties?

    • Thank you.

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  • No Santa for me this year. I wrapped presents for the kids I watch all throughout this month, so they could experience the magic of Santa, though.

    I spent time with family all day. I helped set up the table and clean up as well. We had laughs and opened our presents. Nothing too crazy or out of the ordinary.

    • Sounds great :D
      Christmas doesn't need to be spectacular, quality time with family is what it's all about and looks like we both had a lot of that :D :D

    • Yeah, that's all I expect. I don't need anything ridiculous to happen. Haha.

    • Good idea also to wrap presents for the kids you'll see later this month. They'll be happy :D

  • Christmas was very nice for me and my entire family. I was slaving away in the kitchen for most of the day. A bit of tension at first but we all laughed and smiled throughout the day. It was quite lovely for a change.

    • Oh wow Mooky, that sounds like quality time with the family :D
      Was the discussion in English or khmer (hope I write that correctly...)?

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    • I find it sometimes amusing when foreigners try to pronounce some Khmer words. Only because they do extremely well, but there non-Asian accent makes it sound funny.

    • Have you ever heard people from France speak English? They generally do pretty well but the pronunciation is unique :D

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