What to do when you hit rock bottom?

and then you dig even the rock to see whats under it? if you have like zero friends and chances for a carreer. i won't even speak about girlfriend thats totally unfathomable. when you had all sorts of humiliations, dropped ut of college, and are left completely unwanted and alone. even my very few friends abandoned me. when you are poor as fuck and your folks are poor as fuck too. when when when.


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  • You have two choices when you hit rock bottom... get buried beneath all of the limestone and granite, a until you become so overwhelmed with despair and depression or struggle to find a way back up.

    Life doesn't get better by chance it only gets better by change. If you can't change a situation then you are challenged to change yourself. So you have to find ways to change the things you can and accept the things you can' t. Set goals for yourself and strive to achieve them. Only small goals need to be set to motivate yourself... achievable goals

    • i dont know girl. thats just a theory. practical application is light years away. plus i've lost all hope and motivation, i;m i the despair realm you mentioned.. .

    • I've hit rock bottom and it is a battle to find a way back up. Theory has to be put into practice. I was in such despair that I found every second of everyday a struggle to get through. I had a choice to stay there or change my life. It took me years to get to where I am now. It isn't light years away because you can start now, but it is a gradual process. It's impossible to get out of a rut over night. When you see small changes in your life and yourself it motivates you to keep plodding on. What other choice do you have other than staying as you are?

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  • If I was in that kind of situation, the very first thing I'd do would be to ask myself where and how I fucked up. Because to be frank, you don't just coincidentally slip into a situation like that. For example dropping out of college is kinda hard if you live in the US. You don't just drop out of college for forgetting to do your homework a couple of times. Or if I really had ZERO friends, I would definitely ask myself what I need to change about my own personality, my character etc.. I don't have many friends myself but I do have a few who I am very close to. If I had none at all, this would most of all say something about myself rather than about other people. I'd wonder if I have behaving like a total dickhead to everyone around me.
    I know people who are in really difficult life situations and they've still made somehow. So if I was in the situation you've described, my first realisation would be that I must have fucked up some things pretty badly, which means in consequence that I have to change my ways.

    • no in fact i'm "too nice". but too boring too. and my depression made me miserable and this misery casted away even the few friends i had.

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    • here). Most people here need more time for their studies than in America or the UK. It's relatively normal to finish your Master's degree somewhere between the age of 27-30. So, partially, it's due to the system. And partially it's also due to my disability. Being blind, I can't take quite as many classes as other people because it would simply be too much. But it's okay. I'm making progress and that is what counts :-). As for my time after Uni, I want to become a high school teacher. However, you can't really compare it with being a high school teacher in the US. The level (in terms of challenge) is much higher here in Swiss high schools because only good students can attend them (the school system is kinda different). It's more comparable to the first two years of college in America. Because of this, having a BA is not enough. Here, you need to have at least an MA plus an additional MA in pedagogy. Some teachers even have a PhD. But on the upside, the pay is also much better :-).

    • good luck man. you put manginas like me in shame. i dropped college and fucked up everything. enough with my negativity though. i wish you great luck and a happy life.

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  • Stop fucking feeling sorry for yourself and do something about it.

    • i can't. i can't find a job. and without money you can do nothing. my country is in a devastating economic crisis. there is more than 60% youth unemployment. noone almost finds a job and most that do take breadcrumbs.

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  • Just like the others who are there: start hating people, random or because of sex, color or origin.

    • hatred only makes things worse. i already hate one person enough