Do you (still) find this animal cute? Kangaroo?

First picture:

Do you (still) find this animal cute? Kangaroo??
Find it cute? Yes or no?

And what about now?

I'll ask you again, do you find it cute still? Yes or no?

Final answer? ^-^

  • I found it cute on the first picture, but then I saw rest... o_O"
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  • After looking at both pictures, I still find it cute af!
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  • I don't find it cute anymore, but the third picture helped :)
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  • I never found kangaroos cute in the place..
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  • I don't find kangaroos cute, but that last picture is adorable!
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  • When I was really young I thought they were cute...
    I know that they are an Aussie Icon and everyone thinks they are all cute and cuddly, wait till you see them disembowel a dog that chased after them... and they can do that to people too... Google kangaroos fighting, you'll get my drift...
    And as a farmer, the damage they do to fences, pasture and the amount they eat can be devastating to farms, we live against a national park and timber plantations, and have about 500 roo's on our property from late afternoon till morning, eating our pasture, bringing worms and other diseases that can be passed to our livestock onto our property... not so cute and cuddly now... just an expensive pest...

    • Lol I knew about the fighting, but didn't know about the struggles of a farmer over there

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What Girls Said 4

  • scary as fuck

  • Who is that Kangaroo Jack?
    And actually no I found kangaroos less adorable after I witnessed one maiting orvat least attempting to mate.

  • WTF did I just look at!

  • I only like the first picture. Plus it reminds me of Kangy :- )


What Guys Said 2

  • So ripped. 24/7 in the gym

  • He's strangling the teddy :v