Why do people hate Muslims so much?

All the the misdirected anger and fear turns people into monsters. I read this comment on one of my questions:

(To a Mexican woman by a British guy) "In Britain, you'd have the same rights as anyone else.. as long as you're not Muslim, lol"

I know a lot of Muslims and they're just normal people. I can't stress this enough. They're regular folks who go to school, go grocery shopping, go to mosque like Christians go to church, eat halal like Jewish prople eat kosher, own pets, use the internet, get married, go on vacations, take selfies etc. the things everyone in the year 2015 does. They don't hole up in their homes plotting their next bombing.

Europeans are like "Hey random Muslim on the street, you wear a hijab and speak Arabic so you're a terrorist trying to blow us up" That's just disgusting. If they're Syrian, they came to your country escaping from the very thing you're accusing them of. If they're not, probably, they're just a damn normal person who happens to be Muslim. It's normal that you're scared brcause of what happened, but please don't direct this anger on innocent people. It's really fucking nauseating how xenophobic people can get.


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  • Thank you for this really you actually got some mind
    people say we r terrorists And stuff but if all the 1.5 billion r ordered to kill by their relgion then simply other people wouldn't exist and 1.5 billion with the same thoughts and KILL this worD is big we just got used to eat coz we hear it a lot but really people don't know even what qarish is and they talk in Islam it's exactly like saying that the gravity is a lie and you don't even know the three questions of notion people need to educate them selves and stop all the hate coz I swear we Muslims aren't affected by their hate they r the one affecting themselves with it


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  • Yea people just LOVE to categorize others into set groups. I think it's partly to be blamed on society, partly on the media and mostly others' sheer ignorance. When don't we all want to be accepted and loved? If we ALL want to feel valued and treated kindly then why aren't we ALL showing others what kindness is? It's really sad. My daughter is 2 and I will not raise her to be rude or hateful period. And she will respect others religion, etc. we should be raising our children to love not hate. Isn't it easier to love than hate? It is for me.


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  • You're getting a little wrong and most people who ask this question seem to get it wrong too.

    No one is saying they are all terrorist, we know that. The problem is the religion, culture and all the violence that continues to blanket middle easterns helps ti create a breeding ground for more violent people. Helps create more avenues for muslims to become terrorist.

    -->No one is born a terrorist, everyone becomes one - the fear comes from the higher probability of a 'muslim' eventually becoming into a violent person.
    --> the hate comes from the obvious fact that if you follow muslim/islam... you indirectly and directly see the rest of the world as inferior since they do not believe in the muslim god. For example hindus are hated by muslims because hindus believe in many gods, its also one of the oldest religions out there.

    So when you add it all up, little things like that create hate and fear towards them. BUT in no way shape or form does anyone think they are all terrorist. Thats just silly

    • Muslims don't see anyone as inferior. If anyone does, it's probably ISIS. Islam is just a religion, as a religion, it's not any more violent than other religions. I think it does need a reform though. Christianity got rid of most of its bullshit over centuries, it could too.

    • By having so many religions it draws an imaginary line between people. Religion is not bad.. if you use it for well and good intentions. Its just a disciplinary method for humans, like martial arts and meditating.

      Its violen thought, most religious books are because they are based during a different era. Most of those scriptures and verses should be taken with a grain of salt. Stories are meant to give a deeper meaning to life, not following it word for word.

      If someone chooses a religion, any religion, can you say really say they dont prefer that particular religion over everything else. Its a fair assumptions that since you can only choose one religion, everything else is second place by default.

    • Religion doesn't automatically come first gor everyone. Most people, actually.

  • Well, in the last 16 years, muslims have gotten a lot of publicity for massacring unarmed people, and you can only slaughter so many citizens and unarmed people before backlash happens. Some of this might ring a bell.

    Such as, crashing airliners into the Twin Towers.
    Bombing train stations in London and Madrid.
    Massacring newspaper staff.
    Rioting and killing people over a newspaper cartoon... and a youtube video...
    Massacring theater goers in Paris..
    Massacring unarmed fellow soldiers at Fort Hood
    2014 Sydney Hostage Crisis..,.
    Massacring unarmed citizens at the department of Public Health in California...
    Sex trafficking in Rotherham...

    I mean, do I really need to go on? Islam is just not compatible with Western Civilization. It needs to stay out.

    • There are 1,5 billion Muslims in this world. I know a lot of them. And they have Absolutely do not have anything to do with terrorist attacks you listed. It's simply painful to see just because those sick fucks did those things, an entire group of people who believe in a certain religion is the subject of that last paragraph. Do you realize ISIS killed more Muslims than anyone else? That they attacked mosques? Are you aware what they are doing to people -Muslims- who live in ISIS-controlled territory?

      They are not representatives of Islam. I could make you a list of all the shootings by white people in America in the last decade. It wouldn't prove anything, like you don't.

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    • Actually, yeah, I do get to discriminate and blame.

      And yep, muslims slaughter westerners at the Twin Towers, London and Madrid train stations, Paris, Fort Hood, San Bernandino...

    • If you think you get to do those things, in my opinion, you should somebow change your ways or you're dangerous for society in general. I'm going to remove myself from this situation, your Nazi way of thinking is simply too much.

  • because they're all terrorists... or so people are incorrectly being led to believe

    • Its thrir culture of rape that bothers me.

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    • it is a stereotype perhaps in certain places or under certain sects of Islam there is a rape culture but to suggest that in general there is a rape culture in the Islamic faith is simply untrue. you can look at rape cases in the US to see that the vast majority of rapes (by percentage) are perpetrated by not Muslims.

    • Oh, I get what you mean. It's true. But Islam doesn't have a sect that advises people to rape other people or anything like that. It's more of a cultural thing. For example, in Afghanistan there is:


      It exists, but I'm sure majority of Afghan people don't support it.

  • it was me that made that comment and you really missed the point if you think i meant it... i hate the situation in Europe and the endless muslim bashing that is prevalent in the uk media... perhaps you need to bee here to understand the genocidal shit that the usa started bu going after assad and also perhaps its true that americans dont get irony so im sorry if that was too subtle

    • Oh, I'm not blaming you. The bad thing was what you said was true.

    • well im glad you saw that... i have always respected your views etc in the past and when i saw this post it did worry me that you didn't realise the point i was making... i know its easy to get the wrong meaning without real speach but i suspect face to face we could put the world to rights x

  • The media brainwashed most of them.

    • It happened in every city with a major muslim population and was covered up by politically correct officials afraid of being branded racists. It only came to light last year and large groups of Muslim men were arrested.

    • Just type in Rotherham to google and the scandal will be the first thing to pop. It happens in their own countries such as Pakistan were were a girl can't take a bus journey alone without being raped by every man on the bus.

    • Explore, get the fuck off my post... You're fucking clueless. I don't know who fed you this bullshit and I'm horrified you're dumb enough blame rape on a religion. Gosh, I know I'm attacking people here but they say such baseless, ugly lies I can't keep my cool.

  • I think people are less ignorant now and know that Islam and Muslims in general have nothing to do with terrorism. At least that's what I've seen on the social media for the past few years maybe. But yeah it might be different from where you live.

  • People are ignorant!!

  • After the Paris attack everyone is scared.

    • im not and i live less than 250 miles away

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    • @wankiam America does not want to see the collapse of the Eu. That would be tragic on our economy too. America has many friends and allies in the E. U. As for gun laws, we will finding a way to appease the Constitution and gun control activist is another thing.

    • the amaricans could still trade and have allies within Europe but as a collective we are a bigger power in the world than the states so ofcourse the underlying reasons are to break the union. as for gun laws in the states, i think the majority wouldn't want change. im so glad its not an issue over here. we do have plenty of knife problems though

  • Why do Muslims hate Jews and want to blow Israel (the only really peaceful state there) of the face of the planet

    • Muslims do dislike Jews in general. They don't want to "blow up" Israel. They think Israel is murdering Palestinians, libk Jews with Israel, so they're generally prejudiced against Jews. But hey, so were Christians, not too long ago.

  • A proper question would be who do conservatives or Republicans hate Muslims so much. Non conservatives or non Republicans rarely hate them. It's just conservative Republicans who think all Muslims are terrorists.

    • Uh, we're not only talking about USA here.

    • Well in every country there are conservatives with that ideology who have the Republican mindset so..

  • I think you misunderstand the problem.
    So I can make my response shorter I will define some words (if you cannot use the words as defined, please do not respond)

    People who believe that all will be referred to as "idiots"
    People who do not automatically believe that all Muslims are evil will be referred to as "us" or "we"
    People who think that all cultures are equally good will be referred to as "dummies"

    While most of us do not believe that that all Muslims are evil, like idiots do, neither do they believe that they are all good as dummies believe. The problem is that some cultures are more violent and oppressive that others. This is true whether the dummies acknowledge it or not. In the U. S., an example would be College fraternities. Are all the kids in fraternities evil? Of course not! BUT, if you owned a house, and you had a choice between renting it out to 10 frat boys, or 10 random strangers, which would you pick? While most dummies would say, "Oh, the frat boys of course, because all cultures are good," most people would disagree. In the same way, while most Muslims are not evil, given the choice between them and random other people, we would choose the other people.

    • Muslims are random other people. Instead of trying to explain things, I'll just say you'd better spend some time with them, maybe in Istanbul, or your local Muslim community. Then maybe you'd know better than saying "this certain group of people is good/bad/better than this other certain group"

    • You're thinking is flawed.

      By saying "Muslim people," I am thereby (logically) subtracting them from all other random people (some of whom may be Moslem, and some of whom may not).

      You have to understand that I am not "hating on Moslem people." What I am saying is that by being Muslim, the chances that they are going to do evil to us (see above) are higher.

      I'm sorry if that makes you unhappy, but it's true.

    • *Your

      It's wrong, and it's upsetting that you don't understand that. But anyway, there'll always be shitty people on this world, sexists, racists, Islamophobes, Holocaust deniers, etc etc. Why burn myself out by trying to change their very wrong idea that a very large group of human beings are evil & out to get them?

  • you posses no world knowledge to make such statements, firs off all, you reap what you sow. Read into the quaran, it's full of hatred and fascist statements. Their holy prophet was a terrible individual who committed murders, who approved of rape, child marriages , slavery etc. People who read the quaran and have islam as their religion , are in my opinion evil and trust unworthy people. And no they don't own pets, like dogs. dogs are unwanted and forbidden in their religion. the point is their culture, religion ( more like an ideology ) doesn't belong in our western civilization, why do you think our ancestors fought against them for hundreds of years to keep them awya from our christian lands. Christianity was never in war with budhism or any other religion. you need to stop protraying muslims as victims because they aren't, im sorry but i hate them..

    • Oh dear God, look at this guy accusing me of having no knowledge of the world. Who the hell feeds you this bullshit? It's so wrong I can't even begin to explain.

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  • Can I tell you something? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!!❤❤ I swear you're amazing, wish there's more people like you !!! 😞 thank you again 😊 have a nice day!

    • Thanks for your kind comment, people like you give me hope. ❤️ I'm incredibly mentally exhausted right now, and I'm trying to find a way to cope with the existence of all those hateful people insisting many people I know and love are secretly out to get Christians.

      Have an awesome day!

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    • Thank you so much! 💖

    • Any time 💕💕

  • www.theguardian.com/.../germany-crisis-cologne-new-years-eve-sex-attacks . Its muslim cultural acceptance of rape and large groups of roving looking to rob and gang rape women that scares us. Liberals are trying to bury the truth just like in Rotherham and other British cities but there is no denying it. Our governments should be protecting us from this not leaving vulnerable gang rapes.

    • Oh, so now it's gang rape. Dear God, how can people be this stupid?

  • Tbh I don't care anymore if the hate us, but I wish GaG would stop with all those Muslim related questions 😫😩😖

  • "Europeans are like 'Hey random Muslim on the street, you wear a hijab and speak Arabic so you're a terrorist trying to blow us up'" - Do people really say stuff like that?

    You know, I make no secret here my disdain of islam, my reasons of which have nothing to do with terrorism. But I'm pretty good at separating people from ideology. So the notion of hating all muslims or even most of them I find ridiculous. People who may think I hate all or most are being presumptuous.

    The only muslims I hate, are the ones with fascist type of thinking. Like a muslim I came across on an opinion who said he looks forward to the day that the flag of islam will replace the flags of all nations and fly over churches, etc. That type of attitude and thinking has no place in society. Unfortunately, such attitude is harbored by a significant percentage of them.

    • That's what they think, what they do is usually an act of violence.

      No. Not a significant percentage. Not by a long shot. This part is wrong. But they exist, they're called terrorists. Muslims in general do not support them. Politicians like Tayyip Erdogan who are looking to fill their pockets support them. They recruit misguided youth.

    • My family is from a country that has been fighting islamic extremism for almost 700 years. My grandfather was muslim, I've lived with muslims, and heck, I was even in a relationship with one. I've also read their holy books. When I say significant percentage harbor fascist thinking, I wasn't speaking of terrorism/terrorists. Because in the grand scheme, that is the least of my concern.

    • Well, that's weird. I've never met someone like that.

  • Because people don't like or agree with the sh*t they do and the evil that comes from their religion.

    • It does. not. come. from. the. religion. Waht terrorists are doing is against Islam. They're like the Westboro Baptist Church, but they kill people. And for fuck's sake, Muslims don't do anything. There aree 1.5 billion Muslims in the world. They don't do shit. Those motherfuckers do. They attack fucking mosques. But you're going to believe all Muslims in the world lave an support them. That's what you want to believe. You are fucking disgusting.

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    • They do shit for their Allah so wtf are YOU talking about? Save me this "Muslims are great people" speech I could careless to hear it. I know a few Muslims and they're cool people, I don't need you to tell me that. Im not f*cking referencing all Muslims, get a grip

    • I just can't believe a human being... oh fuck it, you're not worth it.

  • I don't hate Muslims but I honestly do not think that Islam is a religion of peace at all. Maybe if you stopped trying to make the entire world an Islamic state people wouldn't hate you. And stop beheading innocent people, blowing up buildings, shooting people, and burning people alive. Islam is too medieval and barbaric. Even some Muslims are starting to realize that Islam is full of shit

    • You're right in all you say, but you're directing it at wrong people. Muslims are doing none of those things. Terrorists do, like ISIS. They do the things you're describing. They're like the Westboro Baptist Church of Islam. They're responsible for all this, only them.

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    • I never said that muslim supports isis
      But isis supports Islam
      By you I meant Islam not you directly

    • It's their wicked interpretation of Islam.

  • These people are so backwards too, all racists and bigots usually are so it's not a surprise. And really, more Muslims have died at the hands of terrorists than anybody else, so it just doesn't make sense. People just love to hate people. When it's not Muslims, it's Christians, when it's not Christians, it's blacks, when it's not blacks, it's Mexicans...