How to eliminate Self Doubt?

My confidence and self esteem are both relatively high but they are useless due to my self doubting. Unlike in the past when I thought I was worthless I now know I have lots of good qulaites and now even see that I'm a good looking guy but its like this exist in a vaccum. This thoughts only exist until pressure is applied by my self doubt then all my confidence and self esteem disapears. In situations like meeting new people who I percieve as being important (like "cool" people or pretty girls) for example. But when I go to job interviews I'm unbelieveably confident and the interviews are always baffled by how calm and confident I am. So my self doubt only exist in perosnal situations as I don't doubt myself in professional situations. SO how do I feel that way about personal interactions as well as my life in general. I also have a habit of doubting my ablities and being down on what I can acomplish. Any advice?

Anyone got any thoughts?


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  • Prove the self doubt wrong


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