If you were in my staution would you choose yourself or your kid?

I don't live with my husband because he's a psychopath. he is really a violent and could kill someone if everything goes against his will. I met a man that became my friend and I kinda liked him. and i kissed him and i make out with him not going to lie about it but i stopped it before we go any further. it's not right because I'm still married and he apologized to me for doing that. my husband's threatened by taking my daughter if i thought of getting divorce and he can prove it against me.


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  • Yea you're husband is full of shit! He's violent and the courts don't typically take children from the mother so you've got nothing to worry about there but you're doing the right thing and do not go back to your husband for your child's sake. Your child isn't safe with the husband so get the divorce and move forward with your child. Good luck to you. I'm staying in a bad marriage for my child we just don't get along but he's a great father.


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  • Divorce him. And if he's as terrible as you say then I highly doubt the court would allow him to have custody of her.

  • I'd choose my child. And file for divorce anyway.

    • That means i should back to him

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    • Ok thank you.

    • No problem

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