How come when black women have mixed babies they take the complexions of their fathers?

My mom just had a mixed baby with my white stepdad. The baby has white skin, green eyes, white people curly hair, and a black nose. That's the only thing black about him, is his nose. I don't even want to call him my brother because he doesn't look like me.

Then, I have a friend whose mom is black and whose father is white and she has white skin with blue eyes, white people curly hair and a black nose. I just call her white because that is what she looks like and she gets mad and says she is whatever her mother is, but she looks white 😒


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  • Mixed babies from this pairing look the same as black men/white women.


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  • It doesn't matter what someone looks like.
    They are what they are.
    Why would you call someone who clearly has two parents of different races, a pre-dominant race.

    How about you ask them what they would want to be identified as, rather than doing it for them?

    To answer your initial question,
    Mixed kids don't have just one set look.
    Sometimes they look like a blend of both parents (skin color and hair), not always like what you are describing.

  • Not always it just depends on how dominant the gene is, black and mixed race babies are just beautiful.