How can I get over him?

I'm tired of thinking about him everyday everynight hoping one day I'll be his girlfriend I'm really tired... I really need some help. I know I have no chance with him... can you imagine? when you know the guy you are deeply in love doesn't care about you or find you attractive... if hurts.


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  • I was like you so many times i know it hurts, what you have to do is look out for other guys stop wasting your time with him if you dosnt love you or like you or anything he is just a time waster if you deeply in love with him you can deelpy love someone els to Move on


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  • I can totally relate to that. I was friends with a guy and took the chance on telling him how I feel. I genuinely thought he felt the same. I was so wrong. He didn't care at all , he liked another girl. I felt embarrassed and humiliated. Eventually he distanced himself and now we don't speak anymore.

    The pain is unbearable when you care about someone and all you want is for them to feel the same way. You have no control over their emotions and feelings, so you just have to try to accept it... as hard as that may be. Try to keep busy and your mind focused on things other than him. If you start dwelling on the thought of him read a book or play a online/ phone game anything to distract your thoughts 💟💗

    • Thanks for the MHO 💗

    • You're welcome <3

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  • Understandable but unfortunately he's not worth it.

    • You're welcome