Anxiety what does?

for people who have anxiety, how would you describe what it feels like, to a person or friend who wants to help, also what do you think schools could do to help kids who have it?


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  • Like everything is out of control

  • Anxiety disorders are serious things, it's just something you can't explain to a non sufferer. Could be one of the toughest things to deal with for sure. Just horrid to live with.


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  • I think schools need better counseling programs, and I think as a society we need to end the stigma against counseling. Going to therapy doesn't mean a person is crazy, sometimes it's just nice to have someone to talk to about your problems.

    For me, anxiety feels like pressure in my chest and stomach. I feel worried about things that I have no reason to worry about.

    As a friend, I think you can just be there for that person. Everyone reacts to anxiety differently - some people want someone to talk to, others just want to be left alone, and some want to be distracted and go do something fun. So if you have friends with anxiety, ask them what would specifically help them.

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