How can I get her to notice me?

I have a huge crush on this girl for about a year now. but we have never talked

she looks at me occasionally (for 3-4 seconds), which is very nice I want to give a shy little smile to just make my feelings more obvious but I am scared that she'd think I am creepy or awkward

once I held door open for her where she was 20m behind! she said thanks with smile and that's been the only word she's said to me ( I still picture that moment and remember her voice eventhough it was more 7 months ago!)

we see each other every week as we are in the same college ( not in the same class)

I was thinking to send her a message on fb but as we are not even friend there its probably rather stupid

I have a feeling that she likes me back judging on her glance.. I realllyyy like her and can't get her off my mind...
sadly I am very shy and its just like ice on my teeth to strike a convo with her

Can anyone help and tell me how can I get her attention ( preferably without talking) or to start a convo and what to tell her?


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  • Do add her on facebook. If she reclines, she's not interested.

    Work on your confidence. A 'shy' smile can be awkward or even creepy, try to make it a friendly smile. If she smiles back, she at least thinks you could be a nice person. Next time go talk to her. If she acts creeped out, you either did a terrible smile or she's absolutely not interested. If talking in real life is too much you can try facebook but that might seem slightly antisocial. If you do that, make up for it by chatting with a more confident tone. And try to get to ask her out. Dont make it an obvious date, just call it hanging out sometimes.
    Good luck!

    • Thank you so much this was quite helpful... but the thing is I don't know what to tell her next after general questions like what are you up to, what you study etc...

    • How do you speak with friends? Girls aren't that different from guys.
      If she tells what she studies, ask her why, if she likes ot, what she wants to do with it etc. Ask about hobbies, tell some about your own, try to keep it balanced. Try to reslly be interested and get to know more about the stuff she tells you. You can go on for hours if you know where to ask on about something.

    • Thank you ;)

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  • Without talking what's left? Brainwave's? Why don't you totally ignore her that would be just as effective


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  • First make sure she doesn't have a bf!!! And second next time u see her just be like "hey I see u around here a lot! What is your major" or something like that!!

    • On her facebook relationship status she's ticked the single box so no worries about bf! Its just a really hard thing for me to overcome the nervousness when talking to her...

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  • Start flirting and say how you feel your 18-24 women should bemature

    • well if i knew how to flirt with her i wouldn't have asked this...

    • Just google how to flirt or just say your cute