Girls, do u like to be approach directly?

do u like this or is it too much, if u didn't know the person at all.


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  • Being approached directly is good, BUT it just depends on how it's done. I've been approached enough times to know what's completely creepy, and what's the most flattering.

    First of all, make sure she sees you coming. Do not just randomly pop in front of her without her knowing it.

    Also, make sure you seem friendly and nice. Smile, make sure you're dressed presentably, and do not start with some sort of pick up line. Start with an actual conversation topic that is relevant for something you both are doing at the moment. Try to get into a conversation. If she cuts you short, there's pretty much your answer. But if she seems to be into the conversation, then go with it for a little while. Then, towards the end, you can finally come out and say, "Hey, listen. You seem really cool to talk to and be around. Can I text you sometime?"

    If she gives you her number, great. When you do text her, make sure that you are good at making conversation.

    If she doesn't give you her number, then again, there's you're answer. But, at least she won't think that you're a total sleezebag since you took the time to actually get to know her.

  • Well i'd rather a guy just be direct rather than having me to read hints etc.

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