The day after Christmas, my dog killed my kitten-anyone else have a less than perfect ending to 2015?

Backstory-While I was away at college a semi feral cat had 2 kittens under the abandoned house next to mine. My mother fed them, and she brought her kittens over. My mother decided that when the kittens were weaned she was going to take them to the no kill shelter and spay the mom and let her stay outside. Until then, she put a barrier next the fence so the kittens couldn't get too close to the fence. But we all got attached, so we waited a few weeks. I came home for break, and I told my boyfriend we had to stop it before we got too attached. And we were going to take them this Friday to the shelter.

Christmas was amazing, I spent quality time with my boyfriend, ate good food, and was forutnate enough to get gifts. Everything was going great. And then the morning after Christmas my mom, sister, and I go to leave and I'm petting a gray kitten which I think is Ash. I'm fawning over her and call her by her name. But they say, that's not her, it's her brother (they look almost 100% identical) And I get worried, she's so friendly, what if children picked her up. I call her name and take a few steps to look for her. I was so worried. Then my mom tells me "she's dead, she died", and I tell them it's not funny to joke like that. But my mom insists, they found her in our back yard, she must have jumped over the barrier and gotten over the fence somehow. I got really attached in the short time I was home.

And I cried all day.

My boyfriend was supportive and helped me. But I feel like this is the worst way to end the year, and maybe this is a lesson. I was so happy with the presents, maybe I lost sight that in the end, there are more important things to worry about and people die everyday. I felt guilty in someway for her death, and I tried to see the lesson.

This was more of an opening up than anything, I've been getting really emotional lately, and I know a lot of it has to do with the birth control I'm on, but the emotions are still real and felt all the same.

And I really hate the dog now even though that's just her nature.

  • Thing like this happen, you have to accept it, embrace it, and move through it.
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  • I'm having a really emotional time as well.
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  • This year has been great, and I hope that everyone gets a year like this.
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  • I hope 2016 will be better for you. To be blunt that is life taking its course, things come and go. There is nothing we can do about it. Naturally in the future if you wanted your cats to live you keep a closer eye on them, but that is relatively difficult to do since you are with family. Like that story you told me of the other animal... if this is what will fuel your drive to help save animal lives then use this to your advantage. Im here if you need me, eh, you know the drill:)

    • That's why I feel so guilty. Maybe if I had pushed hard enough, they would have let her stay in the house, even though it was quite impossible because it isn't my house. And her brother was so nice that day, he never liked me, or anyone, very much. And I want to get close to him, but he's distant again. It will be easy to take him, but I know they should be going together to have company... I really hate emotions right now and this damn birth control. I'm worried though, I cried so hard for her, and only knew her a few weeks, what will happen when my rats die?

    • Life happens, it isn't simply that you just die a lot of other things happen. When your rats pass there will be many tears i imagine, however, they served their purpose and were there for you. If you want to simply have me say that life goes on that is fine, but it is just not as deep. Your rats will die at some point and you will have to come to the realization that they are or will always be apart of you:) Why? Because you care deeply for them. They are part of a chapter in your life and you can carry that burden to the end of your days if you wish

    • Good way to think about it.

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  • I had a Hungarian Vizsla growing up, kind of like this one:

    He was absolutely crazy. He would jump over our pool railing, which was 12 feet high (we had an above ground pool with a deck, and almost drowned 3 times. He'd clear our really tall privacy fence. We had a woods area in the back that was uninhabited and he would escape the yard to go back there and hunt.

    We have neighbors who were big into feeding stray cats... needless to say, we've found many a dead cat in our backyard. No one in my family would take care of them, so I had to do it. Broke my heart every time. It was so sad for me to see the dead kitties. He would also go after squirrels (and win) and birds (and win) and a skunk one time (got sprayed before he killed it, of course)...

    He jumped out a two story window when we were at my grandparents cabin in the woods up north. He ripped the window fan out and broke through the screen and landed on stones. He wasn't even limping.

    I swear that dog has 9 lives.

    He swerved in front of our atv cart chasing after a bird and got hit.

    His previous owners took him on a boat and he jumped off after a bird's shadow and was swimming around in Lake Michigan and they had to call the coast guard to get him back in the boat... shortly after that they sold him to my dad (we got him when he was 2, I think).

    He tore up my American girl doll that my grammie had made for me. I was really upset. I had an outfit kit (an outfit that was made for the doll and a person) and it had my exact hair color and eye color. It was a really expensive doll. I hated him for at least 3 months.

    He'd also hump all my friend's legs, even 3 years after being fixed.

    When he got older he settled down, and he passed away at age 9, probably because of all his near death accidents... he had a brain tumor. I miss him and think about him all the time and the stories we have of him.

    But I still remember vividly cleaning up the dead animals in our backyard and wanting to cry. I wasn't on the pill back then, either, so I can't blame it on that for being emotional.

    I'd say your reaction is normal. I get attached to animals after like an hour. I have a huge heart (for animals anyways ;) )

    • My god, I thought I've had some bad dogs. Your dog was the stuff of fiction.

    • I probably could write a book about him :P
      He was certainly an interesting pet and I'll never forget him!

    • Haha, I was thinking about what an interesting wacky book that would be to read.

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  • Well 2015 hasn't been a complete fuck up , some minor problems but nothing to serious.

  • I loved my elderly dog. She died at the age of 12 in August. She was a hunting dog by nature though. We never ever taught her to hunt, but when she was about 5 years. old I can remember the time when a wild rabbit had bunnies in our backyard and she killed them all. We tried stopping her. It was so horrific to me that a dog could kill those innocent sweet things, that I had my dad clean up the mess. I didn't want to even see it. It hurt me so much, and I was so angry with her. I eventually got over it, and afterwards I never loved her any less for it. But I can definitely say I felt the same way you did. It was very heartbreaking. I think you will come to terms with it eventually and feel differently about your dog.

    • Wow, that would have been so terrible to see. :/
      I know she's just an animal, and she didn't mean to cause pain. It's just her instinct. I've never met a more mean golden retriever though.
      Thank you for sharing. I think I'll accept her. She's always been this way, this time it was something I liked. But I'll forgive her in tome.