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If you went to the emergency room for a headache that has lasted several days with no relief, then a family brings a child in with simular symptoms, but the child looks in agony, and even though you have been there much longer what would you do? I ask because a man came in today to the emergency room, I was working intake to pick up hours, when he was called he insisted that the child go in his place, I was stunned and taken by this, I explained to him he may have to wait several more hours before he was seen again, he still insisted. I made the decession to bring the child back first, what happen next was nothing like I ever expected, the front of house supervisor was very upset I disrupted the order of flow, and told me never do it again, right in front of all the patients, shortly after I noticed every patient called back insisted the man who gave his spot go next, I wasn't bothered that I was yelled at, nor did I care I disrupted the flow, what impressed me was how everyone came to my defense and I never even picked up on it, as the day went on shift changed I was called the box (the bad girls principals office), and was given praises from every patient in the waiting room, so what would you have done? Sorry I didn't get right to the point.


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  • What the man did was a very gallant and selfless gessture. BUT your supervisor who is a seasoned healthcare professional got upset because you did break protocol. The kid wasn't just jumping in line infront of the one man he was jumping in line infront of people with possibly more life threatening conditions. The response from the other patients was the best case scenario.

    If someone were to have died or gotten worse it could have potentially been a lawsuit for the hospital. It's a liability issue.

    I'm not trying to make you feel bad and yeah it is crappy that this is the way things are but if you work in healthcare you have to be aware of these issues. Something can still be morally right but ethically wrong.

    The man was trying to do a nice thing but put you in a tough spot that could have costed you your job. The best approach is to show compassion, understanding while treating all equally. If that man wants to give up his spot in line then okay your job is to go to the next person on the list. A patient doesn't get to direct medical care of others.

    Does this make sense?

    • I won't argue with that, just kind of suprised by the whole thing all together..