Would it be wrong to date my crush's friend?

The guy i like pretty much rejected me. it took me a while to realize i got rejected. After months of continuing to play fight and pick on eachother, i decided to finally to do something. everyone thought he liked me so my friend and i wanted to take him out for his birthday but instead we had a get together at her house. he stared at me all night and was pretty attentive and he hugged me but it didn't change much. he just started talking to me more at work but he wouldn't make a move. so a week later my friend told him i thought he was cute. he said he knew because someone told him i liked him. he said he wasn't telling us how he felt. so it has been 2 months and i decided that im done. i was trying to act like nothing happened at first and i continued to talk to him but i dont want to anymore. i just feel stupid. he is a nice guy and he continues to bother me but i really dont want anything to do with him anymore. what made me feel really bad was that a few weeks ago, one of my pets passed away, and i broke down at work a few times. everyone felt so bad and i wasn't seeking attention but people would ask me what was wrong. when i wasn't crying, it was obvious i had been crying because my eyes were red. i actually ran into him right after crying and he was teasing me about how i was in his way. he also kept walking by a lot but he didn't bother to ask what was wrong. when my friend was sad and almost cried about a death in her family, he asked her what was wrong and was being supportive. This hurt big time.

his friend is actually a pretty cool guy. he is a bit more mature than this guy. he always asks how im doing in school and he actually gives advice. this guy is more of a flirt than the other guy though. but he is always staring and calling me over to help him. he also once showed me pictures of when he had hair like the guy i liked.

i dont see a point of continuing to pursue the other guy. im just wasting my time. would it be weird if i go for his friend?


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  • I think it's best to move on. I think your original crush is just bad with women.

    • yeah. thats why i finally decided to forget him. for months i thought maybe he's just shy. well who knows. he may be. but im sick of waiting around like an idiot. i feel like i've done enough to show interest. im awkward and not good with guys but at least i tried. yeah he's bad with women. i thought it was adorable but i'm sick of it now. he's too difficult. i tried. and im done trying. i've had enough. i don't know why i even bother anymore.

  • It wouldn't be weird

    • ok. i thought it might be a slutty move. but its not like i messed around with either of them.

    • Well if you were in a relationship with the guy#1, the guy#2 wouldn't probably even be with you. Seeing that he already showed affection more than the guy#1 I say go get him tiger :P Good luck

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