Guys, you get 2 girls, which one do you take?

Identical girls, but one is virgin and one is not. Both are (will be) equally good in bed.

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  • I will take the non Virgin
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  • ... how the hell can the virgin be equally good in bed if she has never even had sex?

    Oh god, placing worth upon virginity... perfect.


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  • I had sex with a virgin girl and it was a disaster. She was beautiful with an incredible body that made her so sexy but when it came to intercourse she was not aware of how things would feel or what she was supposed to do to enjoy my penis.

    We tried for several weeks and I was as patient as I could then I just gave up. I will take an experienced girl any day over a virgin. I want someone who knows how to enjoy sex and not afraid to touch herself or let me give her oral sex. I have found that the more partners either male or female she has had the more skilled she is at sex and the more comfortable she is with her sexuality.

  • I will take the Virgin and make sure she stays that way till we are married

  • Non virgin one

  • Sorry, virgins suck in bed. They don't even know what they like, what satisfies them, how they want it, etc. Sex is a very important part of a relationship. Too risky for a relationship.


What Girls Said 1

  • id take the virgin because I myself am one but also, everyone started out as virgins at some point. How can we become more experienced with sex if no one wants to have sex with us since we have no experience.