Are you a good human?

Do you think you are a good human? How many of these tickboxes do you check?

[ ] Do you have empathy? Are you sensitive and supportive to othre people's suffering?
[ ] Do you selflessly help others?
[ ] Are you kind with people and considerate of their feelings?
[ ] Do you NOT slander/gossip/judge people? (thats rare)
[ ] Are you conscious of the impact your actions have on others in the short/mid/longterm?
[ ] Do you have modesty and non promiscuity?
[ ] Are you faithful?
[ ] Are you hard working?
[ ] Do you keep your word or you give empty promises?
[ ] Are you discreet?
[ ] Do you have clarity of thought?
[ ] Are you less dependant on material things?
[ ] Do you not use the word "I" a lot when you think and speak?
[ ] Do you have grattitude towards people and life?
[ ] Are you environmentally conscious?
[ ] Are you a human rights activist?
[ ] Do you have spiritual inquiries?
[ ] Do you actually believe about yourself that you are a good person or just another person with its weaknesses who tries to do some good? aka Do you have humility?

i try to tick some of them. about 8.
In a similar post a woman told me "I'm blunt and honest" implying she is not weak. well these traits here are not indicators of weakness at all, but of the greatest strength. the hardest achievement of all, is to slowly evolve into a good human. she said "if i tell my girlfriend she looks like i clown i mean it''. well its not just what you say but how you say it. do you say it with judgment and anger, or with love and playfuness. also "honesty" is not an excuse to hurt other people's feelings.
[ ] Are you truly forgiving or you secretely hold grudges towards others?


Most Helpful Girl

  • No, I'm pure evil 👹👀


Most Helpful Guy

  • Nope, I'm a bad bad person


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What Girls Said 1

  • I'd say so. I can check off 13 or so things on that list. There's more can work on, but I don't think I'm too bad overall.


What Guys Said 3

  • You can check all of those for me, I meet the requirements for your consideration of being a good human, and happily so, as I consider them all good qualities mandatory for all truly good people.

  • No I only donated 2 of my Kindeys when I was born with 3.

  • I don't know if i am a good human but i am not a bad human being.

    • well we lukeworms are the worst though. my motto is either nail it or fail it.

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