Is it illegal if a guy "bought" his wife?

My 26 year old cousin introduced his "new girlfriend" to our family few months ago. We didn't expect that because we didn't even knew he was supposedly dating a foreing girl. She's 20 and from brazil. The all situation was very strange, we never heard about her. she doesn't know how to speak English so i don't know how they can even understand eachother.
Last week i talked with my other cousin (his sister) and she told me he has two friends working in brazil and he asked them to find him some girl willing to accept to come live with him and be his wife. and he paid them.
isn't that illegal? i mean, he paid for a girl to marry him... for what i already talk to this girl, and could understand, she says she's very happy to live here and her family living in brazil is very poor and she's trying to help them. She's very sweet and pretty but she only accepted to marry my cousin for money... by the way, my cousin is a lawyer, so if this all thing it's illegal, wouldn't he get the double trouble if he gets caught or something? isn't his job in dangerous?


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  • I don't know if it would be illegal or not. If she willingly came over here and he is funding her while she is with him, then I don't think so.

    Mail order brides are still a thing. You should watch the documentary Love Me on Netflix. It's basically about guys who go to other countries to find wives. They fund them and have them come over.

    This is essentially what he did. As much as it may seem odd, he must have really wanted a wife. I find the whole thing pretty sad. There are plenty of women in their own countries who want wives. Sure it may be more of an effort. But I agree with you, if she can't speak English very well, it's going to be hard to communicate with her.

    But as long as they are happy, that's all that matters.

    • The only way it could be illegal is if she came over here unwillingly. Unfortunately this type of situation can easily lead to abuse. Hopefully he has good intentions and just wants a wife.

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    • i hope he's not doing something against her will. they both look very happy together

    • Thanks for MHO! :)

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  • No idea. It depends from country to country.


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  • Not really, considering mail order brides are a thing and I believe you pay for them.

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