What is your opinion on the fat acceptince movement? I think it is the wrong way of thinking. What do you think?

The fat acceptence movement is movement or people (usually women) who say "I'm fat and I'm beautiful." I personality think this is the wrong way they should be thinking because being fat or obesity are just unhealthy. When you are obese you heart and lungs have to work harder to supply you with oxygen, too much weight hurts the bones and the joints and makes it harder for the obese person the move, and excess eating can confuse the matabolism system of the body to stop producing incilent to regulate blood pressure.


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  • You are absolutely right with what you are stating.
    However, I feel if society did not constantly project false images of beauty to people of this world, "the fat acceptance movement" would never be in place.
    We'd all love ourselves for us.
    There's too much pressure to look a certain way, even with celebrities (the constant nips and tucks, plastic surgery, face transforming make up, constant dieting etc).
    Remodeling our minds is easier said than done.
    When society project images that are every day people, and real, only then will the amount of body shaming be reduced.
    When it is, there will not have to be a "fat acceptance movement" where people stick together and embrace who they are.
    We will just automatically do it.
    When the weight eventually catches up with these peoples daily way of living, then will they make a move towards health.
    The skin that people find themselves comfortable in, isn't really my business however unless they are asking me for advice on how to change.


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  • I think it's the wrong way of thinking. Fatness is unhealthy and they need to slim down. Simple as that.