GAG'ers, do you like to follow the news, and through what medium?

There were times when following the news meant either reading a newspaper or finding a radio to listen to.
Later the TV came, and today most of us have access to all those media plus the web. So plenty of options to stay informed.

Do you like following the latest news messages? On TV? Radio, the internet? In a newspaper?

  • Yes I like to stay informed about what happens in the world
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  • I watch / hear / read the news occasionally
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  • I'm not interested in the news or don't do the effort
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes, I'm interested. I stay informed through the Internet and through radio.

    • Me too. Add the TV for me :D

    • I see. I believe you are in Europe. Understand that the TV news in the U. S. has very little news.
      It mostly consists of about 10 minutes of actual news, and the rest of it is watching beauty pageant winners wearing lipstick and pushup bras talk about fashion, pop culture, and celebrities.

    • Fortunately that's better here in Belgium, celebrety talk is largely in different shows :D
      I won't say that every news item is that interesting but it's within reasonable limits!

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What Girls Said 2

  • I'm not interested in the news or don't do the effort haha

    • Haha thanks... I posted you a message can you have a quick look? Need your knowlegde :D

  • sometimes... news get me so emotional, I cry when I listen to bad news (so that's every time XD)

    • Don't be shy, you're not the only sensitive person around and some of the news is really sad :-(
      It's good that you stay informed though. The world is the world and even when things go wrong it's better to be aware. That's the first step to changing it :D

What Guys Said 2

  • I take it in small doses, mostly online.

    It's a delicate balancing act because, on the one hand, being informed is SUPER important. On the other hand, the news (and what they tend to focus on) can be negative to the point of being depressing.

    • Jep, that's life... and the news this year was not that positive. From natural catastrophies, over the war in Syria, to people losing their jobs and refugees drowning in the Mediterranean :-(

  • News show , radio, internet. I stopped buying newspapers: too clumsy.