I don't know what to do?

I asked my uncle for a car, he told my dad to give me one... I just don't really... I don't know? He hasn't been there for me.. I'm afraid of driving it and don't know what possibly could happen. Because it's an old car. Like really old... If It was my mom's then, I'm fine cause I'm always driven... So I got that old car right after Christmas.. Mom went to get insurance and the tax sticker... But one issue. My dad never made me a title. He just gave me this stupid car that I'm afraid of driving. (works at an auction) I assumed he had no customer so he gets rid of it to me... And it has no sticker on it.. I just want to get rid of it now...

So, here's the thing. I need the car for off campus p. e for school. I have to drive myself there. I have summer school over the summer. (Trying to take a course and get it out of the way). I'm confused and devasted...

I had a feeling there was a problem of that car and was afraid driving it
I don't know, the stuff looks more complicated then a regular car. At first couldn't find the negative then it was near a hood area...


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  • Im gonna assume your dad has the title, so he really owns it... Has he had a mechanic inspect and test drive it? I would suggest to use the car to make money to help buy a better one

    • I doubt he even know what a title is knowing him... and 2001 car? really? Is that the best he got out of like 20 cars? psh.. I feel like he's giving it to me as a charity...

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    • Yeah I'm not a mechanics and will be afraid of what I'm doing?

    • Lol.. Thats understandable.. But its important to know some.. Your car can break down at a store or on the road, so it is good to be able to do some things.. Youtube can teach youmalmost everything you need to know.. But that is also why havingt a "not so good car" right now is good , if u do mess something up, its not a big deal... But its a lot easier than people think... It foes get pretty dirty! But that washes off... Id bet your mom and uncle approve of you learning some.. Its a skill you will always need in life... Had any luck getting it started?

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