Any suggestions?

I'm 13 almost 14 and I go kick boxing it's a hobby that I like to do i think that it's good to do things like this for self defence but all my friends think is that it's to boyish and that I should quit
loads of the girls think it's weird 1 cause there are only me and 2 other girls that go and about 29 boys and 2 cause If I go all the boys at our school won't like me however im friends with quite a lot of them and they think it's good I go. Another thing is that there's this guy there and we text and talk regularly but my friends found out and now they think I'm only going there for him also some guys there have said to me that ever since I joined 2 years ago he's been different and that it's because of me so basically I'm confused should I go there should I not or should I just walk away please help me any suggestions?

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  • i do karate and i absolutely love it. i don't care what people think about me for doing it. fuck them. if you like doing it then do it. at the end of the day what will make you happy? doing what you like or not doing so because other people don't think you should or question why you do it.
    besides that there are always people who are going to criticise what you do, so you may as well make yourself happy.


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  • staaaaaaay!


  • You should stay, kick-boxing is very good for self-defence ;)


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  • If you like it that's all that matters :) I love guns and combat and self defense and have had similar experiences with my friends. However that's what I like and who I am and if they have a problem with it they can take a hike lol. They should accept you for who you are and if they cannot then it's their loss.
    Besides that, it is a very good skill to have!