How do I explain I was fired when doing interviews for future jobs?

At the beginning of November I got fired from Comcast for not consistently meeting sales quota. It was bullshit because despite writing a bunch of sales in my last 2 months, very rarely was I able to meet the quota because the jobs wouldn't get installed in time due to factors beyond my control. The quota isn't officially met until the job is installed.

There were also times where I had a lack of addresses to knock on, I couldn't work certain towns until I had a permit from the town, or the towns were just so poor to afford it. Some of them had no solicitor signs that we had to abide by or else we could get fined. These were all difficult parts that made it hard to succeed but the most bullshit part was that upper management, who I've never met, didn't give a shit about the factors preventing me and just scolded me for not hitting numbers because that's all they fucking care about.

That being said, how do I explain I was fired if asked in my next interviews? I've had interviews with 3 different companies in the past few weeks and I did mention that I got fired for not meeting quota despite the tough circumstances and am not sure if that may or may have not ruined my chance of getting the jobs.

Do I say the company wasn't a good fit or I was looking to leave? Do employers contact old bosses to find out why you got fired? I feel like it's a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation.


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  • I'd creatively avoid it, i'd say I have sales experience and parted ways due to conflicts of opinion... Majority of employers really don't look into it if you sound genuine and don't make outlandish claims. I mentioned job experiences in my last two interviews and I know rightly that despite it being true they didn't even look into it. It's all down to how you carry yourself, I thought that having the job I had that more people would write it off as a bs claim. Ironically people online have a harder time believing it than the general public, I mean my depth of knowledge is more than proof on the flip side I can only say much and nothing which people couldn't essentially google although I think you'd have to be pathetic to have so much free time to learn a lie.


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  • how long where you there for i might just omit that job from my work history if i was you.

    • a little over a year. Here's the thing, I did get fired but it was my first real sales job. It's a double edged sword. I've definitely gotten more call backs with it on my resume there as opposed to when I had just gotten out of college.

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    • On the bright side, my direct boss at Comcast did offer to let me use him as a reference when applying for other jobs. So if that's the case, I don't think he would say I was fired if asked but like you said there's also legal reasons why they can't which is what I was unaware of.

    • well then id tell them that. you got fired because they were laying people off and you felt that it had more to do with your seniority than anything else. just say that you were one of the newer people working there and that you get it. the other guys got families to feed and your young and fresh out of college.