What is your least favorite internet type?

1. The internet braggart- Apparently one of the best looking people in the world and they also have the hightest paying job, the nicest cars, and several homes and supermodel quality lovers waiting to serve their every sexual whim.
But instead of enjoying all this, they happily stay online to brag about it to all the internet losers.
What is your least favorite internet type?

2. The so happy in their relationship person-Apparently they are in the best relationship ever in the history of the world!
They spend insane amounts of time online bragging nonstop about their perfect relationship, while most likely sending nudes and talking sexy to other dudes in private.

3. The internet BADASS - If they could kill over the internet, a lot of us would be casulties.

4. Internet Players/Hussies/Pervoids- All over all them internet women and men, all the time!
5. The Interracial Promoter - Interracial has changed their freaking life! And now they work tirelessly trying to convice every white Woman on the planet to be in on, Personal preferance and rights be damned! (And forget other types of women too i guess lol )
The why are women so racist because they won't date me guys are annoying aswell.

6. The internet Spartacus - Always standing on their soapbox fighting till the bitter end for their cause, whatever that might be.
And bugging everyone else along the way.
7. The Angry User - (The one i am, apparently) They are full hate and totally bring down the happy, joyous mood of this internet place.

* ok ran outta room so write in any other kind, or comment. Or just tell me how i'm your least favorite type online :P

  • Braggart
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  • Lovestruck
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  • Internet Badass
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  • Internet Playa
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  • Interracial Promoter
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  • Internet Spartacus
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  • Angry one
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Hahaha this is soooo funny! lmao especially that internet braggart Lord have mercy I see a few here and i always chuckle to my self smh.
    I don't know about the interracial promoter, the whole discussion on interracial relationships on this site is usually absurd, cause who cares, if someone dislikes themselves that much that they desperately want another race trust me they have bigger problems lol
    The perfect relationship person, always begins their answers saying well my boyfriend and i... lol... or i would only do that with my boyfriend he is so etc etc... It is usually women who claim to be in the best relationship ever from what i have seen
    Im more of an internet observer, with my eyes being opened wider with each thing i read :P

    • Thanks! didn't know if i could think of enough to fill a poll, but it was pretty easy :P

      Guess i'm an observer too, and this internet wide lol

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    • Thanks much! :)

    • You're welcome much! :)

Most Helpful Guy

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What Girls Said 5

  • Lol i'm so lovestruck. My husband this, my husband that, swoon, swoon. SO ANNOYING HUH.

    But y'all put up with it, because every nowandthen I write some shit that's gna give you wet dreams for months. Huh.

    xx <3

  • the angry one of course

  • The one who whines all the time and stereotypes people or things.

  • I never liked braggarts...

  • i can't imagine you being an angry user...
    chose B


What Guys Said 4

  • I guess it's closest to Internet Spartacus

    But the people who always argue with unnecessary vocab words that are obviously used to make them look smarter and not for their actual argument. It's like they try to embellish what they're saying because what they're saying is retarded.

  • All of those you mentioned lol

    Especially the first two tho.

  • Were is the Option for Grammar Nazi

  • I just don't care. Let them be what they want to be and best of luck to them.

    • Thats nice, like internet Ghandi :P

    • You can start a new type.

      Unfortunately it's not universal love which is behind my tolerance. I just don't have any excess energy to dedicate to caring what people want to do. If I thought about it I'd be more sad than annoyed.

    • Sounds like a good way to be!