Guy messaging me on Facebook?

OK so I'm 'Facebook friends' with this guy on Facebook. I've never met him in person, but we have connection through mutual friends, etc. Even though I didn't even remember accepting his request, maybe I did it by accident? Anyway, I'd guess he's in his thirties or something, has a kid from a previous relationship and I'm 19. I remember getting a 'hello' message from him last month, not realising he was a fb friend, so just ignored it. Well, today, I got a message saying he hoped I had a good Christmas. Realising he was on my friends list, I wasn't keen to answer but did as I thought he might be saying this to a few of his fb friends just being friendly and I didn't want to be rude although I intended to maybe delete him later as I didn't really know him, so I just said yes, etc. However, although it was just a two minute conversation, about half an hour later, he said be had to tell me he thought I was a beautiful and pretty lady. I was a bit freaked, but again didn't wanna be rude so just said thank you and went to delete him straight away. Then a message came up saying he would travel far to meet me, and wanted to have a candle lit dinner with me, et. so I instantly deleted him. Can he still message me? I didn't wanna be rude either but it kinda freaked me out... was he just being nice and should I have deleted him? He just made me really uncomfortable and freaked me out a little... so can he still message me? Is this normal?


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  • Please don't have children. Please find a book and/or attend school because you are too dumb to be an adult.

    • Excuse me?

    • I am in no way dumb and have the qualifications to prove it and am always told how mature a and sensible I am. I was just hoping, although it sounded stupid, that so someone else has experienced this, etc. So I could have discussion etc because it sort of freaked me out...