If you took a test and gave an educated guess on 50% on the multiple choice questions (worth 33%) and guessed on of the other questions (worth 6%)?

What grade do you think I could have gotten in the class? I needed an 86% to get a perfect gpa in the class cause at my school a perfect GPA is an 85.

Our grading system is even worse than Harvard. For example, at Harvard, an A- is a 3.65 while at my school an A- is a 3.7 so my school is worth more than Harvard on the GPA scale.


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  • 33% of the total test or grade? 6% of the total test or grade? What is your current grade?

    • I got an 86% going into the exam which is a perfect gpa at my school so I need an 82% - 86% on the exam to get a perfect GPA in the class.

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