Remember that one really dumb question or comment said out loud back in school?

You know that one STUPID question/comment that made half the heads in class go sideways. So dumb that you were offended at the fact that you're in the same class with that student who spoke out.

This one girl back in 10th grade geography asked this:

"So like, Mexico is South America and Canada is North America and we're like America America? Like Middle America?"

Our teacher looked at her like :I Man I hope you win the lottery...

You remember that moment and what was asked?


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  • My boy Reid was classic for that shit. Not really dumb questions, but dumb responses. We had this one biology class freshman year, this hippie ass teacher Mr. Bradley who was still kind of a smart ass, and possibly drunk. And Reid... picture Butthead from Beavis and Butthead, but decked out all preppy in LL Bean and shit. He was a character, still don't know how we were friends, haha. Anyway, one day Mr. Bradley is going through roll call, and he goes "Reid T. (Last name)... what's the T for, Reid?", and this fool says "uhhh... my middle name?" Goddamn, really, bro? And then another time, this dude Mr. Bradley was off on some non-school related tangent like he always was. Pretty sure he saw Reid looking at the female genitalia diagram in our bio book, and he decided to catch him slipping. So he's talking about something random, like why cream sometimes curdles in coffee or something, and then he goes "WHY DO YOU THINK THAT HAPPENS, REID?" Reid is all deer in headlights, like "uhhh... uhhh...", thinking he was just asked a real question. I sat next to him, and under my breath, I go "dude... hydrogen." So he goes "Uhhh... hydrogen?", and everyone busted out laughing. I got the assist on that one, haha.


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