Why did I dream of my childhood dog?

I had a dog that was my best friend when I was a kid, I got her when I was two and lost her when I was four. I wanted to keep her but my dad cheated on my mom and kicked us out in winter. We didn't have a place to go so we couldn't take my dog :/. I don't even know what my mom did with her. Well I had a dream about her. That she was still a puppy and I was playing with her. Does this mean my dog died? Anybody know why I possibly had this weird dream. I woke up rather upset.


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  • Dogs only live 10 to 15 years strays way less so sorry to say she probably died a long time ago I think the dream in just your mind wanting you to go get a new puppy


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  • I'm a dream expert... dreaming of your childhood dog means your next sexual experience will be doggy style... and you'll love it.


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  • try to find her. good luck!