What kind of My Takes do you like to read on?

Here is a chance for all of you to let me know what kind of My Takes would you want? what topics are you interested in? Below are some of the topics I have in mind but feel free to comment on topics you want. you can also message me with ideas too :-)

  • Relationship tips
  • Distance relationship tips
  • Strict parents
  • Being the older sibling
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  • Strict parents. II would like you to cover the topic of Finance and Investment

    • Do you mean finance from a parent's perspective or from my perspective?

    • Finance in general. How Americans and others need to save and invest for their retirement or to leave behind a legacy.

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  • I'd like to read one on strict parents or being the older sibling. My parents can be strict and I'm the middle child so I'd like to hear about someone else's experiences.


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