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So i woke up early this morning even though i slept late so i felt kind of sleepy in the afternoon so i thought i could get some sleep. When i was sleeping, i had a a dream about a guy i do not even know neither his name but all of a sudden his appeared im my dream. Its like his friends invited to hang out with them at the mall and like all of a sudden he asked his friends whether they are free to watch him play soccer at night. Then, he came up to me and asked whether im free to watch him play soccer at night and at that point of time, he looked at me straight in the eye and he was so close to me i felt my heart beating so fast. And when i woke up, i tried remembering his face again but i couldn't. :(


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  • I think its love
    lol sometimes that happens to me too
    well not necessarily about soccer but ya
    Its the start of something new
    a new encounter or beginning