Neighbor put their trash in our trash bin when we had left it out. Not sure who it is. Should I just dump the trash into the street?

I live in a cul-de-sac, one of those circle street loop thingies. Yesterday, we forgot to bring our trash been in so one of our neighbors took it upon themselves to put their trash inside of it. This is rude and completely inappropriate. What this means is that we have less room to put trash in the trash bin next time. It clearly bothers my dad but I don't think he believes there's anything he can do. I'm thinking of dumping out the trash in the middle of the street and they can either pick it up themselves or the rain can ruin it letting them know that they don't help themselves to someone else's property without asking and WE need the room in our trash been. Should I do this? Is it just me or was it extremely tacky and tasteless for a random neighbor to decide they would do that? Keep in mind, we are very private and do not speak with any of our neighbors in a friend like manor. We may make a friendly wave every now and then but there's no connection with anyone on our street that would make them think it was cool to just put their trash on our property. Entitlement much? Why couldn't they have kept their own trash for later?

Should I dump it in the middle of the street? Suggestions or recommendations on what to do?

  • Yes, it was very tacky and tastless of the random neighbor. Dump the trash in the middle of the street to send a message.
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  • No, it was not tacky and tasteless. Do not dump their trash.
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  • it was tacky, but don't stoop to the beaner's level. beaners will be beaners

    • We have no Mexicans on our street. Your ignorance is disgusting and makes your answer pretty worthless.

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  • Yes it was tacky and tasteless but do not dump their trash in the street? It will make you look like you littered. Either keep it and turn the other cheek or dump it into someone else's trash. But don't litter?