Why Do Women Feel The Need To Snap Chat EVERYTHING?

I have a snap chat, and I've had it for three years. I don't use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any of that other garbage and I am 25. I used to have social media accounts, but they are stupid and I don't feel the need to brag about what I have or let people know all of my business.

While I do have a snap chat, I only use it ones in a blue moon, and I only use it to snap women I am interested in (private message snaps)... but nothing innapropriate, mind you XD!

Anyway... I have a lot of female friends on my Snap Chat and whenever I check it out... they are always posting and taking stupid pictures.

-Pictures/videos of them partying
-Pictures/videos of their friends making out with someone at a party
-Videos of them sitting on the toilet and ranting about their day
-Videos/Pics of them acting goofy friends
-Videos/Pics of them eating food
-Videos/Pics of random people they see in the street
-Videos/Pics while they driving
-Videos/Pics while on dates (this has happened to me). I went on a date with a girl before, and whenever I went to the bathroom or went to get more drinks, she would take pictures of herself and post it to snapchat.

Why do women feel the need to let everyone know EVERYTHING? It just blows my mind...


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  • Not every chic is like that just the young and desperate ones.

    • I'm 25 and I see a lot of women my age doing that. It's super annoying.

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    • Not at you.
      Just dont get that immature stuff.

    • Same here -_-

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