Do you use toilet paper to clean your butt if you're about to take a shower?

If you go take a shit and shower right afterwards, do you still clean your butt with toilet paper or only in the shower?

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  • Sometimes
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  • Only if I ran out of toilet paper
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  • No
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Absolutely, I'd never not use tp

    • Why? Whats wrong with cleaning yourself only in the shower

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    • lol. Its your own feces that you made.

    • I don't care, it's gross

Most Helpful Guy

  • You didn't even set up your poll in a way that makes sense. Your question is answerable by a yes or no. Choice "C" is an implied "yes" (because of the use of "only if") but that makes no sense because how could you do that if you were out of toilet paper?

    • Yes - is more like, I always do it.
      Only if there is no TP - means I would not if I had tp

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What Girls Said 4

  • Yes. Otherwise you have to wipe shit off your ass with your hand, and I don't want my hand to smell like shit, nor do I want significant amounts of shit in my shower. No amount of soap can remove the smell of shit from your hand once you've touched it.

    • What do you when the TP rips when you wipe?

    • Thoroughly wash my hands, which doesn't help with the smell. So I spray my fingers with perfume and then wash that off.

  • Of course. What kind of question is this. It is important to practice safe hygiene because you can get sick.

    • Washing in the shower is hygienic lol

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    • Yeah I heard Europeans would throw shit out the windows, into the streets. Very proper and sanitary.

    • lmao. Thats not even the same thing. Its more like a bidet.

  • Wtf type of question is this

    • Never heard of a bidet?

  • You're gonna have to wipe down there anyway, and I'd rather get sh*t on toilet paper than get sh*t on my washcloth.

    • lol you could use your hands for that and then your washcloth once cleaned up

    • but why would I want to use my hands when I can just use toilet paper?

What Guys Said 3

  • no. why waste paper?

  • Of course, you're gonna have actual shit to deal with in a meaningful quantity if you don't. Fucking disgusting.

  • Yes always wipe that is so nasty.

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