What audio technology do you prefer when listening to music?

I actually stick with older stuff like just listening to music on the radio/tv or playing CDs on my Xbox.

What audio technology do you prefer when listening to music?
You can Name something as well that I forgot to mention in the poll

  • By Phone (Built in Mp3)
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  • By Radio (Stations)
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  • By TV (Music Videos, etc)
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  • By Game System (Xbox, Playstation)
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  • By Mp3/iPod
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  • By Record Player (Turntable, etc.)
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  • By Casette Tape Player
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I have a big, high-quality CD-player (with two integrated audio tape slots) that my dad bought me when I was 9 or 10, so almost 20 years ago. It cost around 500-600 bucks but it was really worth it because it still works fine today. Two years ago I took it with me when I moved out at home and now it's standing in the living room of the apartment I have with my girlfriend. Throughout the years, it has become a very close friend of mine. It went through a lot with me :-). It was always there for me in my teenage years and still plays my favorite CDs. I use it almost exclusively when listening to music. I don't listen to music with my phone and I don't have an mp3-player (I also don't have a car, so no music in the car). I also own a record player and I enjoy using it once in a while because I like the crackling sounds but unfortunately I don't own so many records ;-).

    • Omg I want your CD player lol

Most Helpful Girl

  • I would love a turn table, but for now I just use my phone.


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What Guys Said 3

  • are you talking about in the car or in general cause most of those you use in the car? in the car, i use my aux chord cause the radio sucks dick. in general, my phone or laptop. also, sirius xm is not exactly a device (it technically is cause they sell them), but it's more of a system. but i listened the shit out of it when i had it in my car. also, pandora, youtube and soundcloud.

    • I also like YouTube and Soundcloud. But by Sirius I just meant the radio. And for the phone, I really meant the phone in general although its plugged into the radio

    • it's called an aux chord... 2nd line, 5th and 6th words. and you can play sirius/youtube/soundcloud on your phone while it's plugged in.

    • Yea i play soundcloud on my phone (without the chord) while im in the tub

  • I like the MP3 or Iheart

    • I hate how quick i use up my oheart streaming in a day. So i just use soundcloud now

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    • Its on the website

    • Ok. It should be on the App Store then

  • By CD player

    • Yea I prefer CDs. I have like a freaking CD collection haha. I dont expect itunes to last forever

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    • Yea I dont use headphones. I play the CDs on my tv/game system which blasts the music throughout the house due to our surround sound system

    • Its fun cranking up the volume

What Girls Said 1

  • I have an XM radio in my vehicle.

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